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The Basics Of Rose Gardens

There are two main classes of roses: Bush roses and climbing roses. These two classifications are based entirely on tendencies of growth. Bush roses grow from 1 foot to 6 feet in height and require no support. Climbing roses produce long canes each year and must be provided with some type of support. Bush Roses Bush roses include many types grouped according to flowering habit, winter hardiness, and other traits. These types are hybrid teas, floribundas. polyanthas, hybrid perpetuals, shrubs, ol........ Read More

Rose Gardening Tasks Early Spring

When should you start preparing your rose garden for the onset of spring and summer? Well, if you live in an area where you can start seeing the promise of spring in late March or early April, then you're an "early spring" rose gardener. However, if you live where March and April still brings icy rain and snow, then just keep waiting out old man winter until your turn at spring arrives and then follow the tips in this article. Early spring is a time of great activity in the rose garden as you ........ Read More

Design Your Own Rose Garden

The texture and the fullness of the rose is unlike any other flower, and they come in a wide variety of scents and colors that range from a very bright yellow to a dark deep red. It is curious that such a beautiful flower is also equipped with such a thorny stem. A little of the good and the bad from nature I suppose. Roses originally came from the northern hemisphere, and there are over a hundred species growing in mostly temperate regions. Although the rose as been the flower of choice to e........ Read More

Admiring The Old Garden Rose

To recreate the gardens of your ancestors, include the old garden roses. These date back for centuries, are hardier, and include a large variety. They fare well in poor conditions, are the easiest type of rose to care for, do best in rich soil that drains well, and continue to bloom for years. Some types of the old garden rose are Mary Queen of Scots, Sweetheart Rose, American Beauty, Awakening, and Belle Amore. The Butterfly Rose is an ancient hybrid from China, introduced in 1932. The........ Read More

Why Rose Gardening Is So Addictive

For many of us, the act of gardening brings us closer to nature by getting us outdoors and allowing us the opportunity to tend and grow objects that in the absence of our assistance would not be able to survive, let alone thrive. There is a special connection between the growers of roses and their plants, however, which seems to go even beyond the basic instincts of the traditional gardener. The first reason that roses can be such an addictive plant is the roots it has in our culture in the for........ Read More

The Different Roses You Can Grow In Your Rose Garden

There are actually many kinds of roses, with each one different from the other. If you are planning to grow your own roses and plant your very own rose garden, what type of rose do you think you should have? The Floribunda Rose Gardeners love the floribunda rose simply because it is easy to grow, easy to take care of, and constantly in bloom. The floribunda rose is the result of crossing the modern hybrid tea rose with the polyantha rose. Its flowers are medium-sized, rarely larger than........ Read More

Rose Gardening Tips

"In the driest whitest stretch of pain's infinite desert, I lost my sanity and found this rose." - Rumi The ancient Muslim poet, jurist, and theologian, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, may not have stumbled madly upon the very first rose back in 13th century Persia but he certainly immortalized it poignantly in his writing. Roses are believed to have originated in ancient Persia but their cultivation quickly spread across the Northern Hemisphere, first from China to Europe and finally to Nor........ Read More

What About Rose Gardening?

Ask anyone who has a green thumb about rose gardening, and you may need a tape recorder to remember all the advice you'll get! Almost anyone who has an interest in gardening flowers and plants will eventually mosey into rose territory. It's almost irresistible because of the beauty and scent of one of the most popular plants on earth. A rose is like no other. Rose gardening then will certainly open up grounds for controversy among fellow gardeners. It's a subject like that of rearing ch........ Read More

Rose Gardening In Late Fall

The months of November and December can be an awkward time for many rosarians. While the growing season is coming to and end, the winter hibernation season has not yet begun. Some of us just don't know what to do with ourselves or our rose bushes during this period of time. Because your bushes are not yet in hibernation they still require some attention from you. Water continues to be a prime need, so make sure that the soil around their roots continues to remain moist. Give them a good soakin........ Read More

Make The Most Out Of Your Rose Garden By Cutting The Roses

Tending a rose garden is definitely a labor of love, but it is certainly worth the work because the rose is a kind of flower that eagerly returns the love that is given it. A great thing about having your very own rose garden is that you can enjoy it any time you want, especially when it is the season for blooming roses. Some owners of rose garden hate the idea of having to cut away the blooms unless it is part of the pruning process. However, this objection does not make sense to other r........ Read More

How To Create Classy Container Gardens With Roses

According to the National Gardening Association, 91 million households participated in some form of do-it-yourself lawn and gardening activity in 2005, spending an average of $387. Over the past decade, an increasing percentage of this total has gone towards container gardening. Containers offer a versatile form of gardening that fits into any lifestyle and yard size. City dwellers can use them to brighten up lifeless balconies, roof decks or front stoops, while those with more space can decora........ Read More

Designing Your Rose Garden

The use of landscape roses can make the exterior of any house more graceful, fragrant and inviting. Selecting the right varieties to compliment and accent the home's style and your vision, will contribute to the success of your landscape and rose garden design. Finding the perfect roses for your rose garden is not hard at all because of the the diverse varieties roses come in. The problem lies in choosing the right ones for your landscape needs and the design you wish to attain. Roses come........ Read More

Using Popular Rose Varieties In Your Garden

When many people think of gardening, their thoughts turn first to roses, and there is no wonder. Roses are among the most popular, and certainly most beautiful, types of flowers there are. In addition, roses are a huge part of both the gardening hobby and the professional flower business. There are even rose and flowers shows were master gardeners proudly show off their lovely creations to an awestruck crowd. Whether your ultimate goal is to take the big prize at the next rose show or just enjo........ Read More

Tips For The Rose Gardener

Rose gardens are probably the most popular type of garden in the world, ranging from Marie Antoinette’s famous gardens before the French revolution to a few shrubs tucked in a tiny backyard. With their wonderful scents and lovely blossoms, it is no wonder these surprisingly sturdy plants are so popular. After all, no other flowers are used as frequently as roses to symbolize love and friendship. If you’d like to grow beautiful roses in your yard, try a few of these simple rose gardening tips........ Read More

Looking After Your Rose Garden

There are a lot of things to consider in keeping a beautiful rose garden. If you are just starting out planting your own garden, there might be many things you still need to know and find out. Taking care of your garden is not difficult, but it does require some special care and maintenance. Caring for your rose garden is essential in order to grow full blooms. Should your roses not bloom there can be any number of reasons. You should first consider the position of your rose garden. Make sur........ Read More


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